Hi there! My name is Zak and I’m incredibly happy that you’ve visited my site.

I’m a solutions engineer with a specialty in data visualization & design. Although I enjoy learning and working with a multitude of tools, applications and programming languages, I am most experienced and known for Tableau Software.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve focused on enabling data discovery and analysis in large companies. My experiences have lead to numerous opportunities including those to speak at conferences, both in-person and virtually, connect with thousands of community members across the world and teach the ways of data to many.

Outside of my data passions, I’m a father to a young boy, two dogs, two cats & husband to an awesome wife. When time allows, I love to go deep into the latest video games, play the piano and get outside from time-to-time.

Feel free to reach out anytime. I’d love to connect.


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