Tableau Coders Initiative


The ability to code can change your life. It can give you a new skill, it allows you to automate the mundane and it gives you the power to create. As part of this program, we’re going to teach you that – how to code. And we’ll teach you in a way you’re familiar. We’ll teach you how to code with Tableau.

The Tableau Coders Program is a bi-weekly series which will teach you all about the use of the Tableau APIs, along with instruction on coding. We don’t expect you to come in with any knowledge or any foundation in programming. We’re going to teach you from scratch, from setting up your environment, to coding basics to the variety of APIs in Tableau.

The Events

Part 1

In this session, we went through the basics, starting with an introduction to the program, moving into setting up your Tableau DataDev Account, and installing the tools you’ll need in the program.

Github Code

Part 2

In part 2, we shared updates from the #DataDev program, wrote our very first code in Python, dove deeper on HTTP requests and made our first request in PostMan.


Part 3

In part 3, we got a bit more advanced with Python, showed how to use GitHub and demonstrated more advanced API options.


Part 4

In part 4, we worked more extensively with the Tableau REST API, discussed the Tableau Server Client Library and worked through more API examples.

Part 5

In the final part of the REST API series, we focused on the art of the possible – showing applications and code for several different advanced use cases. More to come soon!

Season 2 – Part 1

We’re back! In Season 2, we’re focusing on the Embedding API and learning Web Development. Check out the first session to learn about the topic and how you can get started!

Season 2 – Part 2

In the second part of season 2, we started to build with HTML. At the same time, we learned some of the web development fundamentals necessary for embedding, while we started to use a new tool – CodePen.

Season 2 – Part 3

Part 3 hasn’t happened yet, but it’s coming soon. You can register at


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